Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rocktober Revenge Tour

The Rockies opened the 2008 season as National League Champions. But in order to become champs, they had to destroy some other team's seasons too. Most notibly, the Arizona Diamondbacks whom the Rockies swept in the NLCS. They came to Coors Field on home opening weekend, and laid a whooping on the Rockies. The next weekend they did the same, however the Rockies won one of those games. Next up was the Padres who were the Rockies opponent in the most dramatic game in recent history. The Fathers made everyone stay up really late in a 22 inning game. The Rockies took 2 out of 3 in this series, but became tired and weary during those three (four) days. The Phillies came to town for a short series, and came from behind late in both games to avenge thier sweep in the NLDS. Next up were the Los Angeles Dodgers whom the Rockies finished out the season 7-0 against. Who can forget Todd Helton's dramatic walk off home run against their closer Saito to slingshot the Rockies on an incredible run. The Dodgers won some dramatic games of their own while sweeping the Rockies in LA. Two of those games took extra innings. So this leaves the Rockies six games under .500 at 11-17 to finish out a forgetful April. Note that they were 10-16 last April, but then again the Diamondbacks weren't ripping a huge despairity in the division. Since the Nuggets have no heart, and failed again in the playoffs, and the Avs are against the wall against the Wings, people in Denver will start paying attention to the Rockies again. And hopefully they will respond.

"The Toddfather... good commercial"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Rockies bullpen are worse closers than I am...

If major league baseball only played 7 innings in regulation, the Rockies would be 4-0 over the past four days. However, this is not the case because the bullpen is falling apart before our very eyes. You can't win the division in April, but you can sure lose it. Baseball is a game of trends, and this weeks trend is to blow a late lead. What a way for thanking Tulo for hitting his first home run of the season, capping a 5 run 6th inning which saw the Rockies take the lead. Now Tulo feels like shit again because his team lost again. But hitters can't pitch. Luckily this trend will end, just as a very similar trend ended after a 1-9 stretch last July. Recall that week when Troy Tulowitzki hit three game winning home runs in a four game span. However, these games were on the road, and you can't walk off when on the road. Brian Fuentes blew all the leads Tulo gave him in the 9th inning, leading to Manny Corpas arrival as the Rockies ace in the pen. All the Rox need to do is score more runs. Not just one more than the other team, but five more, at the least. If they are not in a save situation, which occurs when the team is up by more runs than a single swing of the bat can catch up to, they cannot blow a save. Also, lets see some people in the upper deck, please... We went to the World Series last year, lets show the kind of support that can propel our team back there.

"Jayson Nix... Thanks, but no thanks. See you in AAA."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lets go Tulo?!

Rockies smacked down the D-Backs today, but it was only to return the favor of getting worked in the previous five games. But last year's rookie sensation Troy Tulowitzki was benched in favor of Clint Barmes. Tulo has been struggling, only hitting about .150, with zero RBI's. His agressiveness is usually his is forte, however it has been hurting him this year. This is NOT because he signed a fat new contract and showed up to spring training in a Maserati. Tulo's problem is a good problem. He cares so much about winning, and supporting is team, that he feels like it is his responsability to carry the Rockies on his back. But Hurdle made a good move in benching him. It is a reminder for Tulo that it is April, and no man can carry an entire team, even if he gives 110% every day. The maturity that Tulo shows, at a mere age of 23, is astounding, and there is no doubt he will take this in stride, and have a successful season. Troy Tulowitzki doesn't need to carry the entire team, especially when he is backed up by Helton, Holliday, Atkins, and Hawpe. Any one of those guys can carry the team offensively for a day or so, and that is why the Rockies are successful.

"I would have worn my Rockies-Tulowitzki shirt to the game. But I've already worn it twice this week"

Monday, April 7, 2008

Black Jerseys=Bueno

Tonights Rockies game was played in front of a crowd big enough to fit into an arena, not a 50,000 person stadium. It was very cold, though... there were blizzard conditions at some points during the day. The team seems to be finding its defensive form. Hawpe made a sprinting catch in the right field corner to end a 1-2-3 inning for Aaron Cook. Tulo turned a double play in the ninth to prevent any hope of a rally. We see shades of last season in these plays. Games are usually defined with a clutch hit, or quality pitching. Its the close 2-1 games that are decided with little bounces, and quality defensive plays. A team that has such offensive firepower, in the Rockies, has only scored 12 runs in 7 games to start the season. It is paramount that the pitching and defensive stay solid as the hitters get on track.

"The best uniforms in baseball are the Rockies black alternates. We can't lose!"

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stay in Boston

Ok so, lets talk about a "small market" team with the fifth largest stadium in major league baseball. The Colorado Rockies inspire many people. They have classy players who are not about the money, and just love to play... as a team?! The team recieves no respect from national media, or even local media. What the fuck? Where's the passion. Why can people come into our stadium wearing the other team's colors and get away without being slighly insulted. Where's the fear, the aura, the will of fans and local media to make this a place other teams do not want to come. There are some people... who blow leads in the thirteenth inning of tiebreaker games... (Trevor Hoffman) that have said "they should blow up Coors Field". Thats what we need. I understand that Colorado, and especially Denver is a nice place to live, and people generally have good lives so they don't feel like they need to put others down. But when a person comes to a Colorado vs. Arizona game wearing a Red Sox jersey, how is that acceptable? Being a fan of a team means you need to protect your team's name and logo, especially at home. Last night police escorted a man flaunting his Papelbon jersey to the Rockies fans on the third base line. Rightfully so, people were yelling and screaming at this man, because he is a fuck head. If your team and city so fucking great, then why aren't you there? Leave your cockyness in New England. I mean thanks for all that declarating of independence back in the day, but go away. I HATE the Red Sox, but I am not a Yankees fan. In fact I root against both teams. But if I had to choose, I would choose the classier team with fans who let the team's play and pedigree for championships speak for itself. I saw a few Yankee hats at last night's game, but they weren't flaunting it uncontrollably. If I were to say "Yankee's suck" to someone who supports the Yankees, they would need to say two words..."Twenty-five Championships". There is no response to that, you can't find weak points in an arguement based on fact, especially when it's one fact. On the other hand, as I've seen, in the same situation, a Red Sox fan would yell and scream about how I have no idea what I'm talking about, and would base his arguement about how his overpaid players beat our wholesome, homegrown team. Shut up! I know my arguement is biased, and that is the point. We need to be biased for our team, especially when that team brought so much joy to the city for an entire month. And how do we repay this team? With closed sections in the upper deck in right field.

"That guy buried his Red Sox jersey in concrete at the new Yankee Stadium. He is now facing a lawsuit... That's pride."