Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lets go Tulo?!

Rockies smacked down the D-Backs today, but it was only to return the favor of getting worked in the previous five games. But last year's rookie sensation Troy Tulowitzki was benched in favor of Clint Barmes. Tulo has been struggling, only hitting about .150, with zero RBI's. His agressiveness is usually his is forte, however it has been hurting him this year. This is NOT because he signed a fat new contract and showed up to spring training in a Maserati. Tulo's problem is a good problem. He cares so much about winning, and supporting is team, that he feels like it is his responsability to carry the Rockies on his back. But Hurdle made a good move in benching him. It is a reminder for Tulo that it is April, and no man can carry an entire team, even if he gives 110% every day. The maturity that Tulo shows, at a mere age of 23, is astounding, and there is no doubt he will take this in stride, and have a successful season. Troy Tulowitzki doesn't need to carry the entire team, especially when he is backed up by Helton, Holliday, Atkins, and Hawpe. Any one of those guys can carry the team offensively for a day or so, and that is why the Rockies are successful.

"I would have worn my Rockies-Tulowitzki shirt to the game. But I've already worn it twice this week"

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