Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Rockies bullpen are worse closers than I am...

If major league baseball only played 7 innings in regulation, the Rockies would be 4-0 over the past four days. However, this is not the case because the bullpen is falling apart before our very eyes. You can't win the division in April, but you can sure lose it. Baseball is a game of trends, and this weeks trend is to blow a late lead. What a way for thanking Tulo for hitting his first home run of the season, capping a 5 run 6th inning which saw the Rockies take the lead. Now Tulo feels like shit again because his team lost again. But hitters can't pitch. Luckily this trend will end, just as a very similar trend ended after a 1-9 stretch last July. Recall that week when Troy Tulowitzki hit three game winning home runs in a four game span. However, these games were on the road, and you can't walk off when on the road. Brian Fuentes blew all the leads Tulo gave him in the 9th inning, leading to Manny Corpas arrival as the Rockies ace in the pen. All the Rox need to do is score more runs. Not just one more than the other team, but five more, at the least. If they are not in a save situation, which occurs when the team is up by more runs than a single swing of the bat can catch up to, they cannot blow a save. Also, lets see some people in the upper deck, please... We went to the World Series last year, lets show the kind of support that can propel our team back there.

"Jayson Nix... Thanks, but no thanks. See you in AAA."

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