Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rocktober Revenge Tour

The Rockies opened the 2008 season as National League Champions. But in order to become champs, they had to destroy some other team's seasons too. Most notibly, the Arizona Diamondbacks whom the Rockies swept in the NLCS. They came to Coors Field on home opening weekend, and laid a whooping on the Rockies. The next weekend they did the same, however the Rockies won one of those games. Next up was the Padres who were the Rockies opponent in the most dramatic game in recent history. The Fathers made everyone stay up really late in a 22 inning game. The Rockies took 2 out of 3 in this series, but became tired and weary during those three (four) days. The Phillies came to town for a short series, and came from behind late in both games to avenge thier sweep in the NLDS. Next up were the Los Angeles Dodgers whom the Rockies finished out the season 7-0 against. Who can forget Todd Helton's dramatic walk off home run against their closer Saito to slingshot the Rockies on an incredible run. The Dodgers won some dramatic games of their own while sweeping the Rockies in LA. Two of those games took extra innings. So this leaves the Rockies six games under .500 at 11-17 to finish out a forgetful April. Note that they were 10-16 last April, but then again the Diamondbacks weren't ripping a huge despairity in the division. Since the Nuggets have no heart, and failed again in the playoffs, and the Avs are against the wall against the Wings, people in Denver will start paying attention to the Rockies again. And hopefully they will respond.

"The Toddfather... good commercial"

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