Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stay in Boston

Ok so, lets talk about a "small market" team with the fifth largest stadium in major league baseball. The Colorado Rockies inspire many people. They have classy players who are not about the money, and just love to play... as a team?! The team recieves no respect from national media, or even local media. What the fuck? Where's the passion. Why can people come into our stadium wearing the other team's colors and get away without being slighly insulted. Where's the fear, the aura, the will of fans and local media to make this a place other teams do not want to come. There are some people... who blow leads in the thirteenth inning of tiebreaker games... (Trevor Hoffman) that have said "they should blow up Coors Field". Thats what we need. I understand that Colorado, and especially Denver is a nice place to live, and people generally have good lives so they don't feel like they need to put others down. But when a person comes to a Colorado vs. Arizona game wearing a Red Sox jersey, how is that acceptable? Being a fan of a team means you need to protect your team's name and logo, especially at home. Last night police escorted a man flaunting his Papelbon jersey to the Rockies fans on the third base line. Rightfully so, people were yelling and screaming at this man, because he is a fuck head. If your team and city so fucking great, then why aren't you there? Leave your cockyness in New England. I mean thanks for all that declarating of independence back in the day, but go away. I HATE the Red Sox, but I am not a Yankees fan. In fact I root against both teams. But if I had to choose, I would choose the classier team with fans who let the team's play and pedigree for championships speak for itself. I saw a few Yankee hats at last night's game, but they weren't flaunting it uncontrollably. If I were to say "Yankee's suck" to someone who supports the Yankees, they would need to say two words..."Twenty-five Championships". There is no response to that, you can't find weak points in an arguement based on fact, especially when it's one fact. On the other hand, as I've seen, in the same situation, a Red Sox fan would yell and scream about how I have no idea what I'm talking about, and would base his arguement about how his overpaid players beat our wholesome, homegrown team. Shut up! I know my arguement is biased, and that is the point. We need to be biased for our team, especially when that team brought so much joy to the city for an entire month. And how do we repay this team? With closed sections in the upper deck in right field.

"That guy buried his Red Sox jersey in concrete at the new Yankee Stadium. He is now facing a lawsuit... That's pride."

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