Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bullpen= ponypen?

Yes. Every Rockies game is not over until the last out is recorded and they start playing that silly music. Coors Field is a place where no lead is safe. This is true, yes, but it does not necessarily mean that a pitcher cannot make a clutch pitch. Coors Field's large outfield can't contribute to balls hit hard through the infield. The point is that the Rockies bullpen sucks. Even in games where we are blowing out the other team the pen decides to make it interesting. In Manuel Corpas' last six appearances he has given up 3, 1, 2, 3, 2, and 2 hits respectively. In that span he has given up 5 runs. Not exactly closer material. But the Rockies have not needed a closer in the games they are in. Their average victory margin is 4.87 runs in seven victories. A save can only be recorded in a 3-run lead situation, and in victories, the Rockies are beyond that. On the contrary their average margin of defeat is 3 runs per game. Subtracting the 14-2 blowout loss to the Dodgers on April 19 the average margin of defeat is 2.18 runs per game. That's when a bullpen is most needed. Most of these losses have been recorded in the later innings after the offense has established a lead. The bullpen is responsible for five losses. This means that at one point they had a lead, but blew it. Get it together and the team will be successful and win close games.

In other news I have to say that job applications suck. It's like getting lied to repetedly, until you have no more dignity, and eventually have to accept a sub-$8 job. My favorite lines include "we'll call you", "thank you for your application, you will be contacted within 2-3 weeks", and "thank you for your interest, but the position is filled. We will keep you in mind if a position opens up." I did what I was supposed to do: apply, send emails, make calls, and stop in. What else can I do? I make a call one day, and hear that I am being considered, then call back the next day and they act like they have no idea who I am. Thanks fuckers.

Good thing Tulo is the most popular player because he sucks.

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