Monday, April 13, 2009

What's your walk up?

I went to two Rockies games this weekend: Saturday and Sunday. We lost both, thus failing to improve my losing record when attending Rockies games. One of my favorite parts of being at Coors Field and cheering for the players is jamming out to their walk up songs. Ryan Spilborghs once again hit a bulls-eye with his selection of "Eye of the Tiger" as his walk up song. It's awesome. A song that actually builds up to an epic ending is what all players need. I expect big things from Spilly this year because of his walk up song. The other ear-catcher is Dexter Fowler, who alternates between two catchy hip-hop tunes (I don't recognize them, but I know I have heard the songs before). It's status quo with Helton, Atkins, and Hawpe. Todd thinks he's a country boy with the "these are my people, this is where I come from lyrics", Atkins still thinks he's 'hip' with his Timbaland selection, and Hawpe continues to be from Texas with his Nickelback-sounding selection. (It's a different song from last year, but still the same idea). But what I am most confused about is Tulo's country song selection. He is what he says he is, a SUPERSTAR, he has no fear, the crowd is here. But no. He's country. I have to believe that he is operating under some reverse psycology that bad songs make him play better. He had Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar" for the first month of last year, and he was awful. He's off to a good start with a country song, so maybe it will work for him. But once he settles in, I will have to track him down and ask him to change his song.
I would like a walk up song. I have not settled on something that would be a mix of cool and original. I could be human or dancer, I could ride through the veins of history, I could ride my bike with no handlebars, or I could melt someone's face off with an epic riff. Maybe there's an appropriate song for each day of the week, or maybe I need to settle. More on this later after I meditate upon it.
I am unsure whether to be optimistic about this season or not. We have potential at all positions, except the ass hole bullpen. I think if we can handle our division reasonably well and not fall more than 5 games under at any point we can finish above .500 and make a charge at the division. The D-bags overachieved in the past and will fall back this year. The AAA Padres will be no factor. The Giants overrate their pitching potential. The Dodgers pose the greatest threat. Their pitching is injured and possibly overrated. All their players are like the same person to me. What is the difference in Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and James Loney? They all look the same, have the same potential, and hit the same. Matt Kemp stands out because he and Torrealba got into a little shoving match last year which was awesome! But Manny can't carry that team for a season. If the Rockies can stay healthy then they have a good shot.

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