Monday, May 18, 2009

B-Hawpe is cool

The day after Brad Hawpe hit a 9th inning go ahead two-run home run against the Pirates, he was interviewed by Drew Goodman. I've never really heard Hawpe talk before, and I was thinking, damn... he seems familiar. His tone, the way he phrased words, there was something familiar about the way Hawpe talks. Then it hit me: Ron Livingston. When he was talking about the pitch sequence leading up to his home run, he seemed like a person that was so overly casual about it, that he didn't really care. His non-exact quote: "he threw me a fastball inside that I fouled off, so I didn't know what he would throw next. All I was looking to do was to hit the ball to the right side to advance the runner with less than two outs. But then I guess I hit the ball well, then we won." He was so casual about it, like he somehow got good at baseball, so he decided to make it a career. This reminded me exactly of Ron Livingston's character in Office Space. The gist is that he stopped caring about his job, and he ended up getting promoted because the "Bob's" liked his style. He wanted to ask out Jennifer Aniston's character to watch kung fu with him just cause he wanted to. Hawpe just felt like hitting a home run, then he did it: ya, cool, whatever. Do they look alike?
Maybe, they both have a bored look on their faces. This is another one of my weekly revelations about life, that makes life worth living. I know it's silly, and not a big deal, but who would ever connect the guy from Office Space (and Band of Brothers: Captain Nixon the alcohol connoisseur) other than myself. Making connections, that's what people do. You can connect with people you don't know, like baseball players and actors. They never let you down on a personal level, because you're impersonally connected: through a TV screen or through the stands at a ball game.
Perhaps this is why I am addicted to impersonal connections. Personal connections, especially with new people *Note: I am talking about people beyond good friends and family; those are unyielding most of the time* can be disheartening. I want to believe in the good in people because I know it's there and I can see it most of the time. I don't know if they can see it in me. When you put your all into a person, and they take it for granted, it hurts. I can't see what is annoying about a person who has so much love in their heart that they just want to share it. When that is ignored, it is disheartening. Why would I not persist in trying to share it? It makes no sense to me. What ev, I am an individual.

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