Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Categories of Movies

Rockies streak ends at 11 games. I'm not ready to focus on one loss, just like I wasn't ready to appoint the Rockies to the playoffs this season. So I will talk about movies.

Categorizing a movie is a seemingly simple task. If a movie is funny, it is a comedy. If a movie is dramatic it is a drama. If a movie is action packed it is an action movie. But this is far to general. There are stereotypes for everything, I get that, but it is unfair to a movie like "The Hangover" to simply say that it is a comedy. Calling The Hangover a comedy is doing it injustice. Take any Adam Sandler movie as an example. They may certainly be funny, but they doesn't portray a microcosm of society or people in general. When you can see yourself in the shoes of the boys of Hangover, you realize, "Damn, that could have been me," at least to some level. Same idea plays out for me in Superbad. While the entire movie is not a microcosm of the life of my friends and I, it does have some parts that are parallels my life a couple years ago as a graduating high schooler. This is the difference from comedies that are just there to be funny, and you forget about them, and comedies that stick with you because they poke fun at so many aspects of society.

My other movie category centers around action movies. Two movies that fall under the same category of action, but have totally different feels to them: Transporter 2 and Terminator Salvation. When you go to see Transporter, the viewer expects to see Jason Statham in an Audi, and for him to kick some fool's ass as he tries to save some person who is related to the morsel of a plot. On the other hand, when you see Terminator, the viewer sees the same amount of action, but the reason for the action is much more intreging. The power of humanity as John Conner and Marcus the terminator/human take on the machines. The addition to a storyline that began in 1984 as both a sequal and a prequal. It makes you think about how time travel would work, and whether or not the portrayal in the movie was feasable to the original Terminator. The determination as to whether an action movie is dumb (meaning it serves it's purpose of action, but nothing more) or if it is smart (meaning it makes you ask questions beyond the movie itself) can be determined by one factor. Do you, the viewer, seek more information? If the movie is a sequal/prequal are you inspired to watch/rewatch the previous movie? If either of these answers are yes then a movie can be classified as a smart action movie in my book.

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