Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Rockies have reached their franchise record in consecutive wins: 11. I have to say that it doesn't feel the same as the 11 game winning streak leading into the final series of the 2007 regular season against the D-Backs. Much less pressure in June, and much less attention (although not much attention was granted nationally until the Rockies actually clinched in 2007). The Rockies have shown resiliency since Jim Tracy took over as manager. But the tell tale sign as to whether the team is legit or not is how they act once they lose again. Can the team bounce back, or are they phonies riding a hot streak soon to crash back down to earth? Time will tell, but tell it will. At this point the wild card is within reach (3.5 games back). The leader of the wild card at this point is the San Francisco Giants with a record of 34-28. Honestly what makes me happiest about the turn around is that the team will be relevant for most of the summer. Everyone enjoys winning baseball, and even a mediocre team can inspire a fan base for a span of time (2008? 4th of July game started a strong stretch of games that transfixed me into believing in the team). I want to be inspired by this team. The past two weeks they have shown that they are able to do that. The beauty of baseball is that it is both immensely complicated with layers of rules; (have you ever explained the rules to a kid?) and quite simplistic when it comes down to it: hit well+pitch well=win. The point being that a simple minded person like me can enjoy an entire summer just by watching a bunch of bros play a game.

But one thing is for certain: I'm not shaving until we go down.

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