Saturday, August 1, 2009

Teams that Suck & Patience

I recently made a power ranking of all 30 MLB teams. This wasn't the usual power ranking; instead it was a ranking of facorite teams. Obviously #1 was the Rockies. But as I progressed with the middle teams, I realized there are some I don't care about whatsoever. When I found myself ranking teams that I have no emotional investment in, I asked questions such as: Is their stadium cool? Cool uniforms/hats? Favorite player? Can I relate to them in any way? Anywho, this made for an interesting list, but it's kind of useless. Top five teams (1-5): Rockies, Rays, Indians, Angels, Brewers. Bottom three teams(30-28): Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets. Top and bottom rarely changes. I cheer for the top teams, and openly root against- borderline hate- the teams on the bottom. The rest of the pack is ambiguous. For example, a couple weeks ago I had the White Sox near the bottom. But Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game and, THAT CATCH! I can't hate that- points for the White Sox. And when the Rockies play the Reds this weekend, I realized that the Reds bring absolutely nothing to the table. Their name is lame, their uniforms are so basic that it's sad, and their new stadium is nothing special. Other than Brandon Phillips who is near the top of the bro-baseball player list, the Reds are lame and their stock is falling. I will unveil the official power ranking at the end of the season when I can analyze each team without distraction of my fantasy team.

Are the Rockies hitters too patient lately? We had a ridiculous amount of walks in last night's Reds game, but only managed five runs. 9 walks=five runs?? We hit two solo home runs, yet we had baserunners galore early in the game. The prime suspect is Brad Hawpe. It's extremely hard to tell when his swing is off because his stance and swing are so goofy, but he is definitely struggling to put a good swing on the ball. Unlike Garrett "0-2 count" Atkins, Hawpe can still see the ball just fine. He is taking a healthy amount of walks, and not swinging at too many bad pitches. I know this because I haven't benched him in my fantasy league that uses OBP instead of average. My diagnosis to cure Hawpe: be more aggressive. Swing at the first pitch and send it over the wall. If he finds his slugging stroke, and Tulo keeps playing like a champion, the middle of the Rockies order will propel the team to the playoffs. Hell, we've been winning with pitching for the past two months, and we just added more relief help. If the offense gets a nice slap in the face before the game and plays angry, then I fear for the fans sitting in the outfield. Bombs away!