Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, Hey Matt

The Rockies regular season is winding down and Rocktober is in the air! I know the stadium doesn't look as full as it should for a team currently in the playoffs (Coors looked 35% full tonight ...maybe), but I bet the ratings are through the roof. But honestly, who wants to go to a rainy, cold mid-week game when the playoffs -and their increased ticket prices- are just around the corner. I'm worried about the playoffs in that regard. I have $200 going to a half-price season pass, and I know it's going to hurt when I land some tickets for the playoffs. But sanity is worth something too. Not a monetary value, but a happiness value. No one can work all time and be happy.

This weekend will be a show with the Cardinals in town. I honestly don't know how the Matt Holliday response is going to be. Most likely the crowd will show him some support in the pre-game, but if he makes an out while batting, the crowd will cheer like he's just another opposing player. But didn't Holliday leave because he felt the Rockies weren't dedicated to winning? Oh really, Matt... looks like we have nearly the same records, and we're likely going to meet up in the first round. Awkward. I still wear my Holliday jersey, but don't feel totally comfortable doing so anymore. He's still one of my favorite players ever, but I want to kick his ass in the playoffs.

Rocktober is in the air, and it smells like clinching and clubhouse parties. I'm sure Spilly already has his goggles in his locker for the clinching party.

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