Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NFL Week 12 Picks

In honor of Thanksgiving and America, I'm doing NFL picks. Week 12 here we go. HOME TEAMS ARE IN CAPS.

Thanksgiving games:

LIONS over Packers. Where were you on Thanksgiving day 2003? Probably getting your fat on. If you were in Detroit, you witnessed the Lions' most recent Thanksgiving day victory, over the Packers. I look for the Calving Johnson to torch the Pack's secondary minus Al Harris, and for the team to be inspired by Matthew Stafford's late game heroics from last week. Aaron Rodgers' good fantasy day will be countered by 6 sacks. 20-14.

COWBOYS over Raiders. Did the Raiders really beat the Bengals last week? The Cowboys will round back into their typical November form and trounce the Jamarcus Russell/Bruce Gradkowski/whatever led Raiders 38-7.

Giants over BRONCOS. A rough stretch for the Broncos will get worse. The plus side for the Broncos is that the Giants D is vulnerable. But so is the Broncos D right now. I don't believe in moral victories, but the headlines will read that the Denver team played better in a losing effort, 27-21.


FALCONS over Bucs. The Falcons will bounce back over an under-talented Tampa team 28-10.

Dolphins over BILLS. Every football fan is generally happy when the current Dolphins team plays well. The wildcat is a work of art that keeps getting better. Just like any good movie you re-watch and expect something different to happen. The Titanic is sinking?! NOOOO! That’s Miami for you. A team that puts you on the edge of your seat even thought you know what’s coming. Oh yeah, they’re playing a Bills team that fired their coach midseason. 17-7.

BENGALS over Browns. Does anyone like Eric Mangini. Eric Mangini doesn't even like Eric Mangini. Ochocinco Chad's it up as the Bengals win 31-10.

Seahawks vs. Rams. Can the NFL relegate these teams. Tie game 0-0.

Panthers over JETS. I'm happy that everyone realized that the Jets are a bad team. Carolina is better than it's 4-6 record would indicate since they realized Steve Smith was on their team. Panthers put Rex Ryan in tears 26-13.

EAGLES over Redskins. This game is going to be closer than it should be. Eagles fall flat on offense, but score two defensive touchdowns. 17-9.

Colts over TEXANS. Houston always plays Indy well, and it's a home game for them. But Peyton Manning's jedi powers are growing strong. He even convinced Sith Lord Belichick to give him the ball at his 29 yard-line to win the game. In an odd turn of events, the Texans fail to make a field goal or extra point because the ball explodes upon impact (i.e. Manning=jedi). Colts move to 11-0. 28-27.

CHARGERS over Chiefs. Fresh out of the oven for the Chargers to feast on: the Chiefs. KC made their season with a win over the Steelers last week. The rest of their season is paycheck time. 38-21.

49ERS over Jaguars. I relatively upsetting game for the Jags. SF kills it with defense, and field goals. 12-7.

VIKINGS over Bears. Brett Favre shows Jay Cutler what heart is. Cutler takes a classic late season off week. 31-10.

Cardinals over TITANS. The Titans are on a roll, but they'll forget to show up. The Cards play well in random road games. Sorry Vince. 23-16.

Steelers over RAVENS. Their records don't reflect how good these teams actually are. This is the kind of game that ends careers (the over/under for this is 2.5). Big Ben should play in this game, and will get his head straight by the 4th quarter to win the game. 23-20.

Monday night:

SAINTS over Patriots. Oh baby! The MNF crew overreact, calling this the greatest game in history. Not exactly. People watching this game might say Brees is better than Brady. Not exactly. A back and forth game that will take 4 hours because of a lot of crazy reviews. Bill Simmons better get ready to write another Belichick blunder column after he goes for it on 4th down in front of a delirious New Orleans crowd. 33-31

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