Monday, November 2, 2009

Rockies Hangover is Over

After witnessing two heart wrenching losses to the Phillies, I feel like I am over my hangover. I know this because I am enjoying this World Series between the Yankee$ and the Phillie$. While walking back to the car after game 4 of the NLDS, I swore never to watch a Phillies game the rest of the post season, but, as a baseball fan, I couldn't bring myself to commit to that. Instead I simply boycotted the NLCS, watched a good portion of the ALCS, and now I'm thoroughly enjoying the World Series. It actually feels like the Rockies finished their season ages ago. And with all the football I've been watching, it certainly does not feel like baseball should still be on. Well, it is November, so my reasoning is valid. Anywho, watching the Yanks and Phils is like watching the AL/NL all-stars. Each team is stacked. I also feel impartial to both teams. They're both east-coast, and they're both places I'm not familiar with. The outcome has no bearing on how I feel about next season. But the Rocks could be there. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of both World Series teams. Each has hit-and-miss starting pitching outside of their aces, and each bullpen is relatively weak (except for Sandman). No team is perfect, which is why baseball is such a great sport to watch at it's highest level.

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