Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 12 Review

Week 12 is in the books and the playoff picture is shaping up.  Yeah yeah... it's the same thing every year.  Two or three really good teams in each conference, two on the bubble, and a couple teams that are going to come out of nowhere to challenge for the #6 spot.  But what do we learn other than 16 teams have one more win than they did the week before, and 16 teams have one more loss than they did the week before.  Let's look at how week 12 went.

Thanksgiving:  Two craptastic games followed by a solid Broncos/Giants game.  I was wrong about the Lions... always wrong about the Lions.  Never pick bad teams because you think they have "momentum" from the week before. I mean, Matthew Stafford did throw the game winning touchdown pass with a separated shoulder (non-throwing shoulder... get over it), but it was against the Browns.  When a team that should be subjected to relegation defeats another in the same lowly category, momentum does not carry over when they play a real team in a real playoff race, like the Packers.  My Broncos proved me wrong by stomping the Giants.  I wasn't as surprised to see the offense sizzle like it did, but I was surprised to see the Brian Dawkins led defense returned to man-eating form.  Any team that was once good during that same season can return to its formerly dominant form for a game.  The test will be whether or not they can sustain it.  But Kansas is on the schedule next week, hooray!

Sunday: The Dolphins really let me down.  Maybe I was wrong to make a Titanic analogy (but it was supposed to be a movie rewatchibility reference, not a sinking ship reference).  But I underestimated the power of the Buffalo, as in the beautiful throwbacks the Bills wear, see here.  Throwback jerseys are all over the place this season with all the AFL Legacy shenanigans, but the Bills unis will always have the power to inspire a victory.  I predicted that the Colts would hold on against the Texans to remain undefeated.  What I'm most happy about is the fact that I slept till noon on Sunday, and didn't check the scores till about 1pm.  By that time, it was no longer apparent that the Texans jumped out to a 17-0 lead.  I avoided all that tension of mis-picking one of the best games of the weekend by getting a great night sleep; totally awesome.  One of the more satisfying games I had the privilege to watch was Brett Favre's spanking of the baby known as Jay Cutler.  I used to wish Favre would just go away, but I no longer feel that way.  He's playing like a champion, and I finally feel like he's playing to his legendary status everyone is so accustomed to giving him.   Had I known Big Ben would miss the Steelers/Ravens game, I may have picked it differently.  But watching Dennis Dixon at the helm reminded me why the Pac-10 is my second favorite college football conference.  He was a catalyst to Michigan's current downfall, as he led the Ducks to a 39-7 victory AT Michigan in 2007.  While watching the game I was generally happy to pick the Steelers, but it was a game the Ravens just had to have, and they did.

Monday:  WOW!  Did anybody see this coming?  An absolute choke slam by the Saints in this heavyweight battle.  The Patriots had a valiant 4th quarter comeback led by... uh... who's #8?... oh, Brian Hoyer of course!  This is all part of Obama's stimulus package.  Make the poor cities have really really good teams so the city goes nuts for the team and buys lots of stuff.  There's no saving Detroit or Cleveland, though; not until the 3rd buyout is approved.

9-6 picking games this week.  I can do better.  I'm bringing in an expert.  Podcast, it's coming soon.  Get stoked.

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