Monday, December 7, 2009

"The Situation" that was Week 13 & PODCAST

Matt and I discuss the best parts of football (the NFL) as well as some of the worst parts (the BCS).  Later we chime in with some college basketball talk, as well as an update on what a 'guido' is.

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Some of the fakers have been exposed, and some of the takers have made the next step.  Only four more weeks of football until the playoffs take over.  What questions are left to be answered?  Can the Colts and Saints go undefeated?  Is Brett Favre slowing down late in the season again?  Are the Patriots merely average or just taking a late-season hiatus before they try in the playoffs?  And who the hell is Bruce Gradkowski?  I do know one thing: that play Robert Meachum made for the Saints was tremendous.  More on that later.  Week 13 review, let's do it.

Will the real Pittsburgh Steelers please stand up?  No, they can't.  Not with out their defensive heart and soul Troy Polamalu spending his Sundays watching from the sideline.  Nobody can pick up the slack for a guy who runs around like Mike the headless chicken (add flowing locks of hair, subtract feathers, then you got it), and puts the fear of Samoa into any quarterback sizing up a secondary.  And when that opposing quarterback is mighty Bruce Gradkowski of Toledo Rockets fame, then you better be scared.  But honestly, what does a guy like Bruce have to lose when he plays for the Raiders.  The Raiders are supposed to lose every week, but have secured victories over three teams regarded as playoff contenders in the Bengals, Eagles, and Steelers.  How do they do this?  Their locker room is filled with guys who don't give a shit who or where they are playing, and sometimes their pissed-off-meter peaks and they steal a victory from the jaws of Al Davis' iron grip.  But being pissed only gets you a handful of victories: 4.  Good for you Oakland.

There comes a point when the underdog can't pull it off anymore.  The Titans admirable attempt to make the playoffs after starting 0-6 took a hit with their loss to the Colts.  Not all is lost for the Titans.  Chris Johnson is only 496 yards away from eclipsing 2,000.   Talk about a fantasy stud.  Thanks for being there for me, CJ.

Stuff to Get Stoked About:
The Broncos appropriately trounced the Chiefs with some old school downhill running and defense.  If Kyle Orton is the focal point of the Broncos' offense, then the team will not be successful.  But if the bubble screen to Brandon Marshall offense keeps clicking, then the Broncos can make a run.  What happened to the crowd at Arrowhead?  Unfortunately the Chiefs and their half full stadium are often featured on TV when the Broncos aren't  on.  When the going gets tough, then just don't go the the games.  Good for you Kansas.

Robert Meachum's strip of the ball after the Redskins' interception and ensuing run to the endzone to redeem Drew Brees' interception.  Oh yes!  I can't say I knew who Robert Meachum was before the week started, but he's probably my twenty-third favorite player now.  What a heads up play that was in a league where a lot of stupid mistakes are made.  The review on the play could have ruined the whole thing.  Thankfully it didn't.  This play has led me to cheer for both the Colts and Saints to go undefeated (although the Broncos would have to drop this weekend's game for this to happen... I'm willing to sacrifice).  There was bedlam every time an opponent did something positive in '07 with the Patriots making a their undefeated run.  I want that again.  But twice.  NFL playoffs are awesome and dramatic.  But what's the fun in 7 or 8 loss teams making runs through the playoffs.

Since the Patriots are not the same team they were in years past, the NFL should admit the Dolphins into the playoffs.  It's already been established that Tom Brady still isn't mentally over his knee injury, and the Pats' D is incapable of stopping anybody.  The Dolphins and their wildcat deserve another shot at the postseason.  An injury plagued squad, (loss of two best offensive players: Chad Pennington and Ronnie Brown) has treaded to a 6-6 record, so they likely need to run the table to clinch.

Last week's picks: 11-5; Overall: 20-11 (started week 12)

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