Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Week 15 is coming up and the NFL still has two undefeated teams at 13-0. The Saints and the Colts have history within their grasp. They've proven that they can win any type of game, whether they bring their A-game, B-game, or any sort of game. They each have shown that they can force the opponent into mistakes that hand the game to them. The mere presence of Peyton Manning on the sideline forced the Patriots into making the decision to go on that 4th and 2. The outcome allowed the Colts to drive just 30 yards to score the winning touchdown. Similar for the Saints, the presence of the Saints' daunting offense made a mentally frail kicker for the Redskins miss a game clinching 23-yard field goal. It's obvious that these teams have karma on their side. For what reason would they kill that karma just to get some rest for their players? Both teams are going to get a bye week heading into the playoffs, so they have a rest period already built in.

An inherent problem with cruising into the playoffs is the loss of in-game intensity. Teams that have to win all their games to clinch a playoff spot are in a playoff atmosphere for weeks. Top seeds don't have to face the 'win or go home' scenario like the wild card teams do. This may be a reason as to why a number one seed has not won the Super Bowl since 2003 (Super Bowl XXXVIII, Patriots over Panthers). The Saints and Colts already have a target on their back. Losing a game is not going to change that. So at this point history is within their grasp, so why would they walk away from it? My only hope is that the players are left to decide these final three games for each of these teams. Two undefeateds in the playoffs... do dreams come true? I say yes. We are watching history.
Last week's picks: 13-3; Overall 33-14

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