Saturday, December 26, 2009

Week 16 Picks

To make it more interesting, I'm picking this week's games with the game lines included.  Let's see what happens. (Chargers at Titans doesn't count for this week.  I'm writing the day after their game).
Home teams are in caps
PACKERS (-14) over Seahawks
Raiders (+3) over BROWNS
BENGALS (-13.5) over Chiefs
Bills (+9) over FALCONS
DOLPHINS (-2.5) over Texans
Panthers (+8) over GIANTS
SAINTS (-14) over Buccaneers
PATRIOTS (-9) over Jaguars
Ravens (+3) over STEELERS
EAGLES (-7) over Broncos
CARDINALS (-15) over Rams
Lions (+13) over 49ERS
COLTS (-5.5) over Jets
Dallas (-7) over REDSKINS
Last week: 11-5; Overall 44-19 (overall record does not reflect picking game lines)

In an interesting ploy, every single home team, with the exception of Washington, is favored to win this week. Look for some weird games this week.  Late in the season there seems to be a team to lose a head-scratcher, but then show up in the playoffs. (Cardinals. 2008. Prime example.)

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