Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Man's Best Friend

The following is kind of a ramble: I'm capturing a snapshot of my thoughts on the Rockies entering Opening Day...

BASEBALL! ROCKIES! TULO! COORS FIELD!  My best friends are back and it's fantastic. The 2010 Rockies season is projected to be the best season in Colorado Rockies history. ESPN analyst Buster Olney picked the Rockies to win the World Series over the Yankees in his blog. This is unprecedented territory for baseball in Colorado. What has changed? For the first time in the franchise's history, there were players that have diminished their previous roles of being regular starters in order to sign with the Rockies with the promise of winning (notably Jason Giambi and Melvin Mora). It's one thing for a guy to say that he is excited about the championship prospects of a team. It says there is something special in the air when players are flocking to a previously unknown team in order to potentially win a World Series. Things have changed. But I still feel like the Rockies are Colorado's little secret. Granted many experts are picking the Rockies to win the NL West, but as a fan I still see that their arguments are transparent, and don't carry much tangible evidence. You can hear the words come out of the analysts mouth and it's nice, but it doesn't seem genuine. They're just sticking to the trend, the norm, yet I still get the feeling many people still have not watched the team play for any extended period of time. I still get the feeling that people outside of Colorado (and even some within Colorado- there are two seasons: Broncos, and Broncos draft season) are a bit confused that the Rockies are actually good. There are numerous comments on message boards I read describing how the Dan O'Dowd and the Monforts are running the team into the ground, and have only recently figured out how to run a major league team. Actually guys, it takes a long time to rebuild a franchise from the scrap heap it was left in in the early 2000s. Gen-R wasn't some silly public relations gimmick. It produced a number of all-star caliber players and laid the groundwork of how to run a team. Ha! It worked, suckers. Now Colorado has its own team championship caliber team to call its own. The Rockies are a team a fan can grasp on to. The players are homegrown (8 of 9 opening day players will be homegrown; the odd man out is Carlos Gonzalez, acquired in the Matt Holliday trade) and have championship aspirations, so who's to say Mr. O'Dowd is a bad GM? HUH?

Bold predictions:
1.) Troy Tulowitzki will finish 2nd in MVP voting at the end of the season to Albert Pujols. While second place is just the first loser, the MVP belongs to Fat Albert, it's a fact.
2.) Jeff Francis will get hurt. The overlooked Greg Smith will take his place and win 10 games. Kieran- you're shaving your head, damnit!
3.) Franklin Morales will break ankles with his breaking ball. The over/under is 10.5. I will literally bet money on this.
4.) I'm stealing this one: (no pun intended, I read this somewhere else and thought I'd share it) Dexter Fowler and Carlos Gonzalez will combine for 100 stolen bases.
5.) Yorvit Torrealba will be batting in the 4-hole for the Padres after they trade Adrian Gonzalez.
Not so bold predictions:
1.) Eric Young Jr. will replace Clint Barmes at second base by the All-Star break.
2.) Seth Smith and Jason Giambi will be the most feared pinch-hitting duo in major league history. Not that there are many feared pinch-hitting duos in history...
3.) The Rockies rotation is the best 1-5 rotation in the NL. It's not a prediction, it's a fact.
4.) Dodgers suck.

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