Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fantasy Goes and Broncos Woes

Week one of the NFL season came and went like the blur of a punt returner flying down the sideline. Between the endless checking of fantasy scores and the screaming at Kyle Orton to stop playing like a bitch. But what I want to touch on this week is the fact that I don't look forward to NFL Sundays for Broncos games nearly as much as I used to. I'm more concerned with who is in my fantasy lineup. Now is this a result of the Broncos just being a bad football team with seemingly no direction? Of course. I have written before that I am as much a fan of the NFL as a league as I am the Broncos as a team (the opposite is true with the Rockies. Once they're out of it, my interest in MLB as a whole drops, although I still watch from afar). But after one week of watching the Broncos take stupid penalties, drop fumbles with no oncoming pressure, throw impressive out routes to the Raiders' safety, and let a fat kicker tie Jason Elam's record field goal distance, I may just consider this NFL season a fantasy-only campaign. Am I mad that the Broncos lost (again...) to the Raiders at home, yes. But am I satisfied that my three fantasy teams combined for a 2-1 record? Also yes. If I can get satisfaction out of the NFL by not investing myself in the Broncos should I do it... I'm leaning towards that decision.

Now do I want somebody to come to me Week 14 and say, "look, the Broncos are 7-5. They have a chance!" Absolutely... I want to get proven wrong. But Kyle Orton's shitty attitude has rubbed off on me. If the starting quarterback of my team doesn't even care, why should I?  I'd like the Broncos to prove me wrong when the undefeated Bengals come to town lead by Andy Dalton and Bruce Gradkowski, but I don't see it coming.

I'm making picks this year (with the spread, duh!) on ESPN.com's Pigskin Pick 'em. View my entry here: http://games.espn.go.com/pigskin-pickem/en/entry?entryID=400784

9-7 for week one ain't bad. 

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