Enemy of the Pod

Do you hate fun? Do you ruin perfectly crafted jellybean bets on NFL Sundays? Is your name Corey Hart? Then congratulations! You qualify as an enemy of the pod!

Corey Hart

You are an enemy of the pod because you exist.

Alright, alright, alright.....I know you've all been clamoring for an actual post to the highly anticipated and revolutionary section of the 303 Sports world focusing on those athletes and celebrities that, for lack of a better term, are bastards and we wouldn't care if we ever saw or heard from them again. For time purposes lets just refer to them as enemies of the pod.

David Stern and Billy Hunter

Look at you two, what the HELL do you guys have to be smiling and shaking hands about huh? This lockout in the NBA is growing ever more depressing, now the players are pursuing a lawsuit against the league and the entire season is in jeopardy. More importantly there is a good possibility that I will have to wait until next fall to watch more basketball and I am not a patient person, or a reasonable person, I mean c'mon the person I hate most in this world is Corey Hart and the best reason I can come up with for that is "JUST LOOK AT HIM!!" You sirs have made a very powerfu.....a very importan.....well, you've made an enemy.

The 2011 Arizona Cardinals

You were up 20-10 on the giants going into the fourth quarter in week 4 and all you had to do....ALL YOU HAD TO DO....was to not play like complete and total shit. That's it, and Spen and I would have walked away with easy jellybeans. You had the lead, you had been having your way with the giants all day and you just needed to NOT PLAY LIKE COMPLETE AND TOTAL SHIT. shit heads.

Derek Fisher
You averaged 8 points per game for your career and basically signed contracts that paid you $1 million for each one of those average points. And now you are the player rep for the the NBA lockout that started in large part because awful players like you make too much money. And we wonder why America is in the crapper.

The NBA Owners
See above

Josh McDaniels 
You were hired to be the head coach of the Broncos and preceded to trade our 3 best players, ran Mike Nolan out of Denver, Nolan being the only reason we had a good defense in the last decade, and then drafted Knowshon Moreno who I'm not even sure knows what sport he plays. Congrats on your new job in St. Louis,  I'm sure there's no correlation between you going 11-17 in Denver and sitting at 2-7 with the Rams.

Thanks for taking away the NBA from me.