Friend of the Pod

Are you a winner? Are you somewhat famous and tweet back at @spen_CR or @klmcguire303? Most importantly, are you Tim Tebow? Congratulations! You are a friend of the pod.

Tim Tebow

You are a friend of the pod because you finally give Broncos fans something to cheer about

Troy Tulowitzki

Take a step outside. Is it warm? No? That can only mean one of two things. Either it's winter, or Tulo is on a cold streak. Yes, the Colorado Rockies shortstop is the barometer for the squad; as Tulo goes the Rockies go. His laser rocket arm is a spectacle that can only be appreciated in person. And lucky for us... there's always seats available at Coors Field.

That random Ohio State player that grabbed an offensive rebound in garbage time to ensure a 10-point margin of victory

We don't know who you are. We don't know where you came from. We don't know what inspired you to snag that offensive rebound when your team was up by nine points in the 2011 Big Ten Championship game. But for whatever reason you did it for, you taught us something. You taught us the joy one can have when his friend bets $10 on a ten-point spread in Las Vegas. Only you can cause an inordinate amount of cheering in a game that was clearly out of hand. I thank you for that rebound. I thank you for the two-points that followed. And we all thank you for leading The Ohio State Buckeyes to an 11-point victory.

Dante Bichette

Because he's still awesome: